After my daughter’s death, I was very sad and depressed, I wasn’t at all well! I knew very well that I had to do something about it !! But like everyone when you leave someone beloved, it grieves you and I carried it hard and did not know what to do.

But one day I met Tom, and he recommended me Reconnective Healing that he said he was affecting the body, mind, and psyche.

We agreed on one session and then we will see how I will feel and possibly do another. At my first session, I kept thinking about my daughter and feeling sad. But after a while my body and mind enveloped me with a beautiful white light, as if to tell me I’m not fine and I’m with you. I felt peace and peace and incredible love. I also felt like someone was stroking my head, it was incredible. After the session we talked and I felt calm and clear mind, I don’t know what happened, but I feel much better. I haven’t been to the next session yet, but I plan to. Thank you very much and I wish you good luck with Petr L.

Petr L.

I had psychological problems, experienced panic attacks. Was it too uncomfortable and I didn’t know what to do? I was in the emergency room and there they told me that I am okay?

I wanted to get well and feel normal as before! I found on the recommendation of Mr. Tomas and I ordered 3 sessions. Two sessions were on a lounger and one session was at a distance. I was a little scared because I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t really believe it, but I didn’t know what to do anymore, so I tried Reconnective Healing at Tomas.

At the first treatment I felt strange feelings in my body and mind, it was unbelievable, but as Mr. Thomas told me to let whatever came and not to resist and just accept it. So I listened to him and I am very grateful to him 🙂 After 3 sessions I feel great and I don’t have panic attacks anymore !! I also feel the world around me changing. Everything is fine and I feel very nice. Thank you and I wish you good luck and help other people as you helped me. Thanks to Paul V.

Pavla V.

I had a headache and couldn’t sleep. I was exhausted and without energy. My friend recommended Reconnective Healing at Tom and I tried 2 sessions. It was amazing and I got a headache and I started to sleep normally. I also changed the menu and a few things that I realized while sitting.

I also want to go to “reconnect” and I believe it will help me and change my life for the better. I am very satisfied and wish everyone to find a way to feel better as I do. Thank you with love Eva K.

Eva S.

Thank you for this experience. I recommend to all, not only people who feel ill. I had no health problems, but I wanted to try what I would feel and how it would affect me. It was very beautiful. I will not write to you my feelings and experiences so you can experience yours without expectation. And I don’t affect you experiences I had.

I wish you to try it and invest this money in yourself, it is certainly worth more than the costs of Reconnective Healing practitioners. It also has a positive impact on people around us !!

Thank you for what you are doing Tom, I am very grateful to you 🙂

With love and gratitude, Roman