What can I expect during a Reconnective Healing or Reconnection session?

The best way to afford healing is to be in a state of complete commitment to the process and to receiving. Do not expect anything specific and fully trust the healing process. The energy that comes to you knows best what is the priority and that is where it works. Lay on the table, relax, perceive everything that comes, trust and accept easily. Feel it. Give up your participation in the process and simply observe that something can be tracked, lie down and let it work inside you.

How many sessions do I need? How long does it take to cure?

This is also very individual. Often one visit may be sufficient. It is generally recommended that you consider three sessions, preferably three consecutive days (alternatively every other day). And even though each treatment is special, it often tends to become something special during treatment number three. The cures happen immediately. What requires “time” is that the person “decides” to accept the treatment. Whether you accept everything you are looking for during your first, second or third session, it is highly desirable to let it go and allow things to evolve according to their own.

Is it appropriate to undergo therapy later?

Often people want to experience the connection again. You can opt for another session if there is a new situation in your life or if you have experienced a clear, recognizable and constant improvement during the first three visits and there seems to be some room for improvement. At that moment, several more sessions could be considered. Then it is advisable to leave it alone and take the time to reveal what it can. Then it is possible to continue. Reconnective Healing is not about regular visits. Once you have your session (one or more), you “own” your change, your healing, your evolution. Is your. Nobody can take it from you. For more serious health problems, the number of individual treatments and their frequency is determined individually.

How does healing work?

Seating usually takes 30 min. It is done on a lounger – massage table. The client lies on his back and his eyes are closed. The Reconnective Healing practitioner tunes to frequencies and they interact in a way with the client and his body. This is a non-contact method. The client lies and has his eyes closed only to enjoy the whole session. It’s not a condition. It is really a client experience during the session. Otherwise, the healing itself may come in any condition. The client can also sit in a chair or stand. The standard is that they lie and rest. Sometimes the client just relaxes during the session, sometimes he feels many things. It can perceive colors and images or hear sounds and the like. It is an individual and often very nice and timeless experience. However, the level of the lounger experience is not directly related to the cure. Even people who feel virtually nothing are cured and feel the frequency manifestations in their lives.

What is the difference between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection?

The difference between Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection is essentially determined by intent. The purpose of Reconnective Healing is basically healing, whether physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or any other level. And of course, to reach the level of healing brought through Reconnective Healing, you will experience Reconnection to some extent as part of the process. It is this “Reconnection” that allows Reconnective Healing to be incomparably more extensive than the healing “techniques” we’ve used so far. The Reconnection intends to bring us to the fullness of our innate connection with the universe. This happens through experience during two sessions, often referred to as acceptance of personal Reconnection. And of course, in order to achieve the degree of connection brought through The Reconnection, you will also experience healing to some extent as part of the process. And while these two parts are not a completely separate process, to get the full benefit of both, you need to experience your Reconnective Healing session and your Personal Reconnection session during separate events.

Does Reconnective Healing only work with physical problems? Will he work equally well on mental problems?

Healing is a return to balance. Every health challenge is a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional combination. Reconnective healing does not directly affect a specific problem, but on many levels at the same time and thus returns to its original state of balance and health. If you allow yourself, the healing will open up fully and you will receive all that is ready for you at that moment, then healing may come. Your healing can come in a form that you assume but also in a form that you have not even thought of, one that the universe has prepared only for you.

What happens when we return to the state of natural balance?

Reconnection is a connection to frequencies that are still in space here. Basically anyone can tune in to them. As soon as our body senses these frequencies, it remembers knowing this level of harmony and health and begins to return to this state of natural harmony. Then everything that was in disharmony with this consciousness disappears and what at the moment seemed to be a disease or a problem will no longer have a place in our resonant field. However, the way this balance begins to manifest in our lives and in what sequence it manifests itself is not in our direction. Therefore, it is very desirable to fully open healing, accept what is coming and then let everything unfold, just to observe and enjoy the changes that are happening in our lives.

Is the effect of healing permanent or does it have to be repeated after some time?

The cures that come with this method tend to be permanent. They even develop often, and the balance obtained seeks a way to greater depth in our daily lives. Often, besides curing their problems, it often brings people an understanding of the context they were not aware of before. It is a kind of evolution of our consciousness. It is important to note that the cure is not brought by the practice itself. This will only allow the field to be displayed in which the whole process will begin or complete. He who decides in contact with this healing field is the client himself. Very often this happens at a level that we do not normally realize.

Are you researching Reconnection’s original cause?

No. Reconnection and Reconnective Healing is basically about exceeding the exploration, search and use of techniques. When we research something, you focus your mind on it. This affects the experience already gained and what we already know. But this also limits it. We say, “I know where the problem is. And I know where the solution should come from.” But in fact we see only a fraction of the complex picture. Reconnection and Reconnective Healing is about humility to something greater, of which we are a natural part. It is a step back from what we already know, but that step back will allow us to open the door and become an observer. To perceive what is happening and to allow the perfect essence that passes through us to do its work and to straighten out the real causes, not just those we can perceive in our limited perception.

How did Eric Pearl discover Reconnective Healing?

As a doctor, Eric had 12 years of highly successful chiropractic practice until the day patients began to warn him that he felt his hands on him – even though he hadn’t touched them physically. In the first few months, blisters and bleeding appeared on his palms. Patients soon began miraculously recovering from cancer, AIDS-related diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, birth defects, cerebral palsy and other serious diseases. It all happened when Eric simply held his hands near them. He was absolutely fascinated and a little confused. He had a lot of moments that were completely new to him and turned his life upside down in a way he wouldn’t have chosen voluntarily. Then he underwent a number of researches. Today we have approximately 25 international studies that demonstrate how unique the spectrum of Reconnective Healing is. Six of them directly confirm that in contact with this energy, our DNA (in plants, animals and humans) is restructured. Dr. Eric Pearl eventually accepted his role and today teaches this method around the world.

How does Reconnective Healing differ from other methods?

Reconnective healing is not at all about diagnosis, about the examination of diseases, problems, or the eternal search for causes and consequences. We do not apply any techniques. During Reconnective Healing, we tune in to frequencies and retreat to the background. We do not color healing with our opinion or experience. Moreover, we do not think that we are healers or that we are treating someone. We are aware of the fact that we are only a mediator of the connection and when the client feels this connection on himself, he decides somewhere deep inside whether to cure himself. The healing is then permanent, for the rest of your life. It is not a method, it is not a technique, there are no steps or procedures. Reconnective healing goes beyond all techniques. The dynamics of this treatment is very specific, unique.

How is it possible that information about Reconnection is so limited here?

Mnoho lidí tvrdí, že Reconnection nehledáme my, ale že Reconnection si hledá nás. Myslím, že to vidí přesně ti lidé, kteří jsou dostatečně otevření přijmout jednoduchost a zároveň obrovskou sílu skrytou v tomto spojení.

What is the optimal future of classical medicine and Reconnective methods for a healthier and happier life on Earth?

Dr. Pearl’s goal is to make Reconnection and Reconnective Healing a natural part of health care. Dr. Pearl is deeply convinced that every part of health care has its own and important place in the whole image. Just as a dentist does not operate the brain, Reconnective Healing has no ambition to replace classical medicine. Ideally, it should complement it in a place where current medicine no longer has its potential. Symbiosis and replenishment should occur. It is not a competition, nor a battle of methods. It’s about balance. Perhaps we are already very close to this connection. Reconnective healing could also work very well at the prevention level. It can help us naturally create balance and a healthier lifestyle.