What is it?


  • This is a non-contact method

  • I reconnect myself, I’m a therapist with international certification and qualifications

  • one session lasts approximately 60 minutes.

  • the price of 333eur is fixed and for all reconnection practices is the same everywhere in the world (conversion according to the current CNB exchange rate)

  • price includes 2 sessions

  • it is essential that the price is paid precisely to maintain value exchange

  • this process also shows harmony in this area


The Reconnection is an evolutionary process that permanently returns us to a state of natural harmony, health and balance in all areas.

It is the interconnection of meridians (energy paths) in our body with the energy paths of our planet and the entire space we are part of. This leads to a permanent and coherent connection, erasure of malfunctioning patterns in our energy-information system and healing at all levels: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. It will harmonize all aspects of our lives. Everyone who receives the Reconnection will bring acceleration on their life journey.

The Reconnection process increases the level of light (in the form of photons) in the DNA of a person. It’s about returning to wholeness. We reunite with what we once were.

This process is unique to everyone.

The Reconnection (or acceptance of personal Reconnection) is done once in a lifetime and never needs to be repeated. I think it is something so fundamental for each of us that everybody should have it.

It is carried out on 2 consecutive days. Completion of 3 nights is required.

It is desirable to have at least 3 Reconnective Healing sessions first.

The Reconnection process, as well as Reconnective Healing, may only be performed by a certified practitioner.