Reconnective Healing

What is it?


Permanently returns to a state of natural harmony, health and balance in all areas.

The essence of Reconnective Healing (RL) is the connection of the body’s energy pathways to the powerful healing frequencies of the universe that contain energy, light, and information . Tune into these frequencies to harmonize your entire body and return to your original state of health. Eliminates flaws in the body’s energy-information system, causing imbalances in the body. Every disease is actually a deflection. Reconnective healing allows the body to return to its optimal state of balance and regain its integrity . There is also DNA repair . All this happens at the mental, physical and emotional level.

It’s a return to itself at the deepest level.

Reconnective Healing can also be applied remotely . Healing is touchless . Connections to the frequencies of the Reconnective Spectrum are intensive , and many people experience individual experiences .

Reconnective healing completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques. It interacts with the frequencies of light, and this brings healing at the physical, mental, or emotional level . These frequencies have been available on our planet since about the mid-1990s. Discovered by American physician Eric Pearl. Today, RL is the subject of quantum physics.

Reconnective Healing is a level of healing that many scientists believe is here for the first time. The dynamics of this treatment is very specific, unique.

It is a scientifically proven change in the structure of our DNA and our body’s cells . In laboratory measurements, it has been found that during the effects of reconnective frequencies on the body, a huge amount of physical light, a wide spectrum of energy and harmonic information flows into our body .

Every experience with Reconnective Healing is unique. Often the cures are immediate, sometimes it takes a little longer to heal. Your healing can come in the form you expect but also in a form you have never thought of, such as the Universe has only prepared and just for you.

Most cures tend to be permanent. Some will demonstrate in their entirety immediately, some will evolve over time. The treatments you have are already yours forever and remain with you.

Cures happen instantly. What takes “time” is for a person to “decide” to accept healing. Whether you accept everything you are looking for during your first, second or third session, it is highly desirable to leave it and allow things to evolve in their own way.

It is generally recommended that you consider 3-4 sessions, preferably three (four) consecutive days (or alternatively every other day).
This is not a long-term cure that requires regular sessions and often costly financial investments.

This is a non-contact method
I do the treatment personally, I am a therapist with international certification and qualification.
Therapy takes about 30-60 minutes.
The price is CZK 66$.

We no longer see illness as something that should be eliminated as soon as possible, but as an opportunity that shows us the way of life. Healing should not be the procedure we depend on. Reconnective healing is an initiation process that brings us back to harmony.

As with classical medicine, we are never able to guarantee the 100% expected result for everyone, yet the results are more than surprising for a large number of clients, often where classical medicine fails. Unlike conventional medicine, there are no undesirable side effects.

It’s not a technique, you don’t have to meet demanding spiritual requirements. It is a connection to universal energy.

Reconnective healing, as well as the Reconnection process, may only be performed by a certified practitioner.